There is really no normal reason anyone should be directed to the image index, so we'll take this opportunity to demonstrate some non-standard representations of our trademark.

As an XHTML+CSS table.

Now with nested div blocks, which should be easier to generate at different depths and scales. Some minor display glitches on many browsers, so it still needs work.

And an even better div version using outlines. This could easily be generated with a JavaScript rewrite function (e.g., find the empty square, fill it with a half-sized empty square and 3 filled ones, repeat).

To more easily scale, here we abandon style sizes for individual elements and more properly use a relative 50% to divide the squares. Go ahead and give it a click to double the size.

And here we use SVG to get fancy and show the fractal basis for our trademark. We actually did the markup for these by hand in order to get familiar with the SVG format. If you see nothing, see Adobe for the SVG plug-in. A quick JavaScript check for SVG support by your browser shows: JavaScript disabled. For more SVG fun of ours, see our splash gallery.